Firm Style

Firm style development means creation of complex system of visual identification (graphic objects, texts, etc.) which purpose is growth of reputation and popularity of a company. Firm style is one of the main marketing and advertising tools of any modern company.

Basic package:

Color pallete and Fonts
Business card

The price of basic package: from 1000 USD


Single elements of Firm style:

Logo – from 500 USD;
Firm Font – from 100 USD; 
Business card – from 120 USD; 
Firm blank – from 120 USD; 
Envelope – from 120 USD

Additional Firm style elements:

Slogan – from 400 USD; 
Price-list – from 100 USD; 
Folder – from 300 USD; 
Booklet – from 500 USD; 
Poster – from 1,000 USD; 
Greeting card - from 200 USD 

Corporate hymn (song)

If you need your own hymn we will make it for you!

The price of corporate hymn (song):
Corporate hymn or song with original melody and text: from 3,000 USD.

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