Design Studio Triumph offers animation and banners development.

Animation will attract a lot of clients to your productuon or services and allow you to expand your business.

Also Design Studio Triumph is happy to offer creation of animated or static banners.

Banners, as well as animation, attract costumers to your goods or services, but creation of banners is more simply and their final cost is lower. You can order banners in standart  (100х100, 120х600, 468х60) or custom sizes.

Cost of GIF-banner:

100х100 - 20 USD
468х60 - 30 USD
120х600 - 40 USD

Cost of Flash-banner:

100х100 - 50 USD
468х60 - 100 USD
120х600 - 130 USD

Cost of banners in custom sizes is negotiated individually.

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